Shirt Manufacturing Process - With Tooley Shirt

As we introduced you with ourselves that we are a shirt manufacturing unit who deals in all kinds of shirts for men, we have a well established factory equipped with modern machines and the latest technology. The whole process of shirt-making is completed under proper supervision. We are quality-conscious. We take complete care of each step involved in shirt making. Following are the steps involved in process of our shirt manufacturing:

Selection of Fabric
We source our fabric from the best mills. Our fabric is quality proven. We have each kinds of fabric. The fabric is tested by experts and then it is selected. We try to choose the authentic and perfect fabric for our customers.

Quality testing is one of the important tasks that we perform. We assure our clients for providing them with the best fabric. We do proper testing before we stitch any shirts. This testing includes color testing, and material testing. We do all things what can make a better quality.

We work hard in order to offer distinctive sizes. We so complete measurement of fabric thoroughly. We then make shirts of different sizes. Our sizes are made according to universally accepted measure scale.

Cutting of fabric is essential task because without cutting you cannot stitch shirts. We do proper cutting with complete finishing so that our each shirt can look perfect.

We have skillful tailor masters who stitch shirts perfectly. Besides these, we have modern machines. Our tailor stitch shirts and also interlocks them properly. You will not find any complaint against dispersion of stitches in our products.

After stitching, complete shaping of shirts is done by our designers. We take care of shape and size. Thus our designers examine the shirts carefully. If they found any lack in size and shape, we stitch the shirts again.

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