Tooley Shirt Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy states all the facts and information about the process of collection of personal information. We describe all the things why we collect your information and how do we use these information. We know that everyone wants to escape from illegal tasks and spam. In order to establish a safe and secure trade we work with our privacy policy. Our privacy policy contains the following things:

Collection of information
When you make any transaction with us, we collect your personal information about your name, address, e-mail id, and contact number. We have created cookies; generally these are files which collect your personal information automatically.

Log files
We utilize the information stored in log documents. The log records contain Internet protocol, Internet service providers such as AOL or Show Cable, and the browser which you have used for visiting our websites for example Firefox, Internet explorer. The data also includes the number of visits made on our website and how many times people use our website. We collect all these information for some specific purpose.

"Our privacy policy is subjected to change anytime without any prior notice. You cannot claim on this. That is why we suggest you to keep updated with our privacy policy and visit us regularly."

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