Tooley Shirt Refund Policy

Our refund policy deals with the matters related to cancellation and return of the products. There are certain conditions which you are required to fulfill for returning our shirts. You need to give all the reasons for returning our products. If you would like to return our products then you are 100% eligible for it. You can request for return within the 30 days of purchase. We will accept your return and refund your money after deducting some amount of tax.
As per our terms and conditions we do not accept refund policy, but we accept your return in following cases:

  • If you find change in size
  • If you find change in color
  • If you find damage in our products
  • If you do not receive your desired product
  • If you face fault in products due to transport then we will accept your refund

Damage, claim or shortages
If you face any damage, claim, and shortages then you are advised to lodge complain against this within 48 hours. Make sure, you check your delivery as you get the receipt.

Return for shipping If you receive any damage or defected product in place of your ordered product then we will refund your shipping charges.

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